Alpabeto – Paalpabeto Hanggang 2nd Titik

Ayusin nang paalpabeto ang mga salita hanggang sa ikalawang titik.  Isulat ang bilang 1-5 sa patlang.

To print or download click here -> Alpabeto-Ayusin ang Pagkasunod-sunod-2nd Titik


  1. Vinz Gabriel D. Guzman says



    • Hi Vinz! Thanks for the additional exercise. You know alphabetizing very well. Hehe yun lang zombie and zebra are English words but you got the alphabetizing correct already. Good job:-)

  2. Thanks for replying Lilian. Okay, i think it is best to ask the teacher.

    Thanks again!

  3. Sienna Sese says

    Hi Lilian,

    I just want to know the rule in Alphabetizing Modern Filipino Alphabets. Is “ng” considered as one letter? If yes, is the arrangement below correct?

    1 – nata
    2 – niyog
    3 – nota
    4 – ngayon
    5 – ngipin


    • Hi Sienna! Referring to your first comment (it got deleted for some reason), thanks for finding the blog helpful:-) I think the rule is this — n, ñ, ng. I also checked Wikipedia and it says the same. Here is the link: Re the question above, if we follow the Filipino Alphabets it should be correct. However, it would be best to ask your child’s Filipino teacher for clarification. Hope that helps:-)

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