Pandiwa – Pagbanghay – Set A

Lahat ng aspeto ng pandiwa.

Isulat sa patlang ang nararapat na aspeto ng pandiwa ayon sa pangungusap. (14 items)

Click here to print -> Pandiwa – Pagbanghay - Set A


  1. thank you for sharing this. its a great help in reviewing my grade 1 kid for the exam.

  2. Lyndon Bonzon says


    I can’t open the pdf files. It is asking for password. Just like this set A of Pandiwa.

    Hope you could help me.

    Thanks and more power!

    • Hi Lyndon! The PDF files should easily be downloadable unless it has answer keys which are limited to premium members. Hope you were able to open the file already. Thanks!

  3. very helpful!

  4. nice

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