Addition Number Bonds Worksheet (Set D) – Grade 1

10-item worksheet


Addition Number Bonds Worksheet (Set B) - Grade 1

Reference: Singapore my Pals are Here Math 1

Click here to print worksheet -> Addition Number Bonds Worksheet (Set D) - Grade 1

Click here to print worksheet with answer key ->  Addition Number Bonds Worksheet (Set D) - Grade 1 (WAK)

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  1. Number bonds! Oh this topic makes me crazy! How to teach my daughter with this?
    A fellow mom mentioned Mathemagis, and that it teaches Singapore Maths.
    Anybody heard about it?

    • Hi Janella! Mathemagis is an after school Math enrichment program. The program is very good and uses spiraling approach plus the founder/administrator is a Math major and has trained extensively in Singapore Math. Her teachers are Math majors and has also been trained to teach children. I think it’s a good supplement to school math because math concepts taught in school will be reinforced and they will have a better grasp of the lesson. Let me know how Mathemagis works for your daughter, incase you decide to enroll her:-)

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