Sige Sabado: Creating Lasting Bonds (Slime Activity at the End)

My daughter loves to keep her hands full.  She can occupy herself in creating art projects, making science experiments, and baking.

On her baking days, she has created red velvet cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and lots and lots of cookies.

Kid baking cinnamon and cupcakes

On her arts and craft days, she paints and makes all sorts of creations.

Different arts and crafts

On her science days, she experiments.  For quite sometime now, she is crazy over creating the perfect slime!  Inspired by Nickelodeon's slime, she made slime in different colors using different materials.  She makes it in my home office, in the kitchen, and in her bathroom.

Homemade slime

And with all of those activities, mess is sure to follow.  Sometimes, I plead with her to stop. Weird.  I know.  But it can get really messy.  Paint on the table, glitters on the floor, soiled water on the chair, slime on her shirt and hair! And with our household help down to two from 3, na ha-high blood ako at lalo na ang mga ate!

The Sige Sabado movement of Breeze reminds me to calm down, relax and be thankful that she is learning through these activities.

Image Source:

Image Source:

The Sige Sabado movement encourages us parents to spend a part of our Saturday with our kids through play and crafts. Yes, it does take time and I know we are tired.  Yes, it is messy and after a full week of work we want order but our children's childhood passes by in a blink.  It would be great if they can look back to Saturdays with us getting down and dirty with them:-)

And so, one Saturday I did.

Homemade slime

We made slime!  Naku, your kids will love this!  The result is the same as the P 120 small slime tube your kids love to buy in toy stores for much, much less.

Materials Needed:

1 1/2 cup water

1/2 cup glue (transparent or white)

Food Coloring



1.   In one bowl mix 1/2 cup glue and 1/2 cup water.  Add a tiny drop of food color of your choice.

2.   In another bowl, mix 1 teaspoon borax with 1 cup water until borax is completely dissolved.

3.   Add the glue mixture to the borax solution, stirring slowly.

4.   The slime will be begin to form and start kneading and getting messy.  Knead until the slime is not sticky anymore.  Keep in the fridge and label slime, to keep it from growing mold.


We also made a penholder using popsicle sticks.

Pen holder made of popsicle sticks

It was a fun, crafty Saturday for us!

For more fun craft ideas you can check out, Breeze Facebook Page or the Breeze website.  I saw Mommy Friday's tie dye creation there and I can't wait to try it out with my kids!  Will post once done!  I want all 3 my kids wearing it!  Can't wait:-)

Image Source:  Mymomfriday

Image Source: Mymomfriday

Photo Caption: Our next project Captain America shirt.  Image from

Let's dedicate a part of our Saturday getting dirty and sweaty with our kids!

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Disclosure:  Thanks to Sige Sabado of Breeze for sponsoring this wonderful post.  Thanks also for reminding me that it's ok to get down and dirty!


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